The American Progressive Labor Party


The Mission Statement:

The American Progressive Labor Party is a party OF the working class FOR the working class. If you’re tired of divisive Republican and Democrat back and forth for decades on end, two steps forward, three steps back, then show the Washington establishment who holds the REAL power in this country – The American Labor Force!

We The People

We, The People, should be represented in Washington, but our government has devolved to a corrupt and self-serving autocracy filled with corruption, collusion, nepotism, privilege, wealth, lifetime appointments, decades-long terms, and stalled progress for the American people.

We, The People, need to stand up and let our voices be heard. But first, we need to organize. To do this, we need to #UniteTheLeft. The APL recognize the socio-political divisions in this country aren’t Republican and Democrat, but a much broader fascist and anti-fascist. We also recognize that the “radical extreme Left” isn’t Progressivism, Democratic Socialism, or even Socialism – but the Conservative Democrats calling themselves “moderates” and “centrists”, selling out the Left’s platform for the sake of appealing to the Right. The APL recognizes that Republicanism in America no longer stands for strong, Conservative values, but a white evangelical nazionalist movement with roots in the Confederacy. It has never been more important that we join together, under a “Center-Left” compromise, and push Fascism in America out of political and legislative relevance.

The American Progressive Labor Party is a grassroots movement of Progressives, Democratic Socialists, Liberals, Democrats, and everything that is Left of Fascist in America today. We don’t stand on empty promises or lofty expectations. We know we cannot appeal to everyone, but we CAN allow everyone Left of Fascist to have a seat at our table, to be heard, considered, and involved with the conversation of “how do we rebuild after all of this?”.

America has always been about compromise. Compromise is the foundation of our founding fathers’ hard work. Compromise has come up so many times in our history. In the end, we have compromised enough of our values, ideals, hard work, and prosperity by electing politicians who get very wealthy while in office for decades, doing very little. Our position in this economy has been compromised to the point that we earn insulting wages under insulting conditions. This transcends race, religion, culture, age, gender, sexuality, or any other label we attach to ourselves. This doesn’t transcend politics, however. Because our leadership on both sides for years has lied to us, broken their promises over and over, and gaslit us into thinking it’s OUR fault – that leadership has sold out the American Working Class’s rights to a fair share of our economy, the security and safety we all need to live, and has exploited each and every one of us for the last time.

We ask, if you feel unrepresented in Washington, please keep reading. If you’re convinced your ideals might be more recognized with a new socio-political party, one that isn’t about politics, but instead about the people’s prosperity, then The American Progressive Labor Party is open to all.


2023 was the 100th anniversary of the Equal Rights Act’s first presentation before Congress.  Today, the ERA still stands unratified.  The American Progressive Labor Party stands firm on ratifying the ERA as one of our first acts.  This is one of the most significant pieces of legislation to protect Americans and it stands ignored, on the backburner to both major political parties in this country.  


Every member of our community is valuable, and the APL is committed to ending the rise of fascism, white supremacy, and evangelical cult nationalism that seems to eradicate groups from America.  We will not compromise on the foundational principles of liberty and freedom from tyranny this nation was founded on.  Currently, we have the influence of misguided, self-serving religious extremists into our local and state governments.  We stand firm against fascist ideals and legislation that infringes on the rights and freedom of people in this country.  

The American Progressive Labor Party is committed to addressing the atmosphere of abuse in this country and stands against the conservative and religious extremist groups that prey on America’s children.  


American Progressive Labor Party

The logo for the American Progressive Labor Party is meticulously crafted with deliberate intent.  America’s flag history and reasonings behind some of our flags either have problematic histories or histories that are so ambiguous they are left open for misinterpretation.  The APL Party represents ALL Americans and all citizens of the world.  By strengthening America’s integrity, economy, and society, we WILL make the entire world better.

Our 4 Founding Principles, described below, are centered in the heart of our APL “Apple”, which resembles a heart.  While the APL Party is a non-religious organization and not affiliated with or exclusive to any specific spirituality, the principle of “Love Thy Neighbor” is a very strong message that we believe is inclusive to all and will help us UNITE. 

The APL “Apple” is also representative of teaching and education, which is a cornerstone of our philosophy of progress.  The Green Leaf on the APL “Apple” represent our dedication to our Green Party allies, who fight SO hard for environmental protections to save the only habitable planet we have. 

The Blue background is the foundation of the APL Party’s ideology, which is rooted in modern American Progressive Liberalism.  The Blue represents the power of the collective Left-of-Fascism ideologies in the diverse American electorate.  We represent the American Working Class who work hard every day contributing to our economy and democracy.  With the rise of Conservative and Evangelical Nationalist extremism in the world, it’s never been more important for us all to unite under a blanket of Blue.

The stars of red represent three of the eras of American Progressivism that have changed America and the individuals who moved the needle for us.  These stars represent the eras of:

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, who (along with Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and several other Progressives and Democratic Socialists) have fought hard in the current era against America’s bitter, divisive, and often uncooperative two-party system as an often-disregarded teller of things-to-come.  A strong contender for the presidency in 2016 and 2020, Democratic politics derailed Sanders’ grassroots campaign for the American working class, thus stalling progress for the people, as we have seen.  (Note: The APL Party does not currently enjoy the endorsement of any political entity or individual, we remain neutral, but open to all.)

Henry A. Wallace

Henry A. Wallace and Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal era was a time where Americans were working and prosperity was on the rise, despite coming out of The Great Depression, World War II, and many other struggles, the Democratic Socialist policies of The New Deal saved America.  Wallace was Roosevelt’s Vice President during FDR’s 3rd elected term but had a far more Progressive vision of America than even the president.  Ultimately, the Democratic establishment, led by Harry S. Truman with the aid of Roosevelt, conspired to remove Wallace from the ticket last minute to preserve the power of the elite and prevent a power balance for the people.

Eugene Debbs

Eugene Debbs to Teddy Roosevelt, in the early 20th Century, was a time when America’s economy was ebbing and flowing with limited protections or regulations for workers.  Child labor was still legal in this era.  Debbs’ American Socialist Party (a far cry from Socialist ideologies abroad) and Teddy Roosevelt’s Progressive Party, were the foundations of the American Working Class’s fight for our position in America’s Corporate Capitalism.  Debbs, an everyman, and Roosevelt, an American Patriotic icon, fought for labor unions and worker’s rights and championed the power of the people.  The red in the logo’s stars represents the Red Flags Americans would wave at their rallies in support of their message and as a warning sign (“red flag”) to the powers-that-be that We, The People were bringing change



We Win Together.  This is as simple as we can put it.  We aren’t Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, Democratic Socialists, Libertarians, Greens, Socialists, Communists, or any other ideology, philosophy, or party.  We are the American Progressive Labor Party.  We are not affiliated with any other political party, at this time, but we stand for Progress in the face of regressive political obstruction.  We stand for moving forward for the American Working Class and defending our place in this economy.  Our focus isn’t as much on divisive social issues most of us can’t agree on, but instead the unifying message of rights for We, The People – the American working class.  For US to have a voice of representation in this system, we MUST unite under one umbrella to fight the downpour of two-party politics and BREAK the two-party system so that eventually our many diverse voices WILL be heard.


The scales of justice in America are out of balance for most of the American Working Class.  We’re playing by different sets of rules in this country depending on where you live, who you are, where you come from, and your DNA.  The American Progressive Labor Party will fight for representation for ALL Americans on benches across America to ensure compassionate, progressive, and unbiased judges are appointed in city, county, state, and federal courts.  We will fight for stronger due diligence to ensure that the judges in this country are not corrupted by influences outside of the jurisdiction of the law and will fight relentlessly for inclusion and representation in our legal system on all levels of all the diverse peoples of this nation.  Our Supreme Court should reflect the diversity of America, in ideals, heritage, and culture and that should set the standard for all of America’s courts systems.

Equality / Equity

The principles of equality and equity are foundational to the survival and progress of our society.  We MUST create an economy, a legal and justice system, a government, and a country that works for EVERYONE. 

  • The APL Party will seek to restore FEDERAL protections for marginalized groups – those protections that, if handed back to states, would segregate, oppress, and further marginalize those groups. We understand that for a UNITED States, there must be some basic protections offered to ALL our citizens regardless of where they live within our borders.
  • Regarding borders, the APL Party is committed to immigration reform, which includes pushing for reasonable legislation to end the profiteering and clear the corruption from our immigration process to restore the integrity behind Lady Liberty’s welcoming message.
  • Our commitment to education reform is rooted in the philosophy that an unbiased, fact-based, research-driven, curriculum taught to students in a supportive, progressive learning environment by instructors trained across several disciplines, such as child psychology as well as their given subjects will create a more engaged people. Our broad-reaching education reform would seek to place America’s students back on a competitive track compared to our global peers.  
  • Through redistricting, or gerrymandering, We, The People, have been segregated by our geography, political ideals, race, culture, and class. The APL Party will seek for election reform that would include getting the money out of politics, seeking an all-out ban on political advertising of any form outside of an allowed window prior to elections.  We would seek to end gerrymandering and strengthen the People’s position in Washington.  We would seek campaign finance reform, an end to Citizen’s United, and restoration of the prosperity of the American Working Class by weeding out the corruption at all levels of our system.
  • The balance of equality and equity is one that the American Progressive Labor Party will preserve. We believe that EVERYONE is created EQUAL and deserves and EQUAL opportunity in this country, but we also understand that EQUITABLE opportunities are also necessary to consider in order to make a system, an economy, and a country that works for everyone. The APL Party is committed to the elimination of white supremacy in America, on the individual level and systematically, as well.  Any and ALL progress begins and ends with this mission. 

1World Philosophy

The American Progressive Labor Party is a place for all.  Our platform is broad-scope to appeal to most Americans on subjects we can all agree need attention – we just may disagree on the specific attention required to fix the problem.  The APL Party’s 1World Philosophy isn’t a “New World Order” mandate, but instead an understanding that we have 1World on which to inhabit and that it is foolhardy, arrogant, and deadly to not take care of the only habitable planet in our solar system.  Our commitment to saving this planet from a climate change disaster will be charged to many of our friends and allies coming to us from the Green Party, who have championed this fight for many years.  We look to experts over ego to lead the way forward.  Our platform is committed to green energy, reducing the dependence on foreign oil and oil altogether, while focusing on sustainable energy, food sources, wood/mineral sources, and more. 

Our 1World Philosophy extends to the economy, understanding that we exist in a global economy, but our focus needs to be at home to make sure America and Americans are strong enough to compete and contend with the rest of the world.  The APL Party will work on legislation making it more costly to manufacture elsewhere than it is to manufacture in America and will seek to penalize bonuses and profits of companies who are taking away the livelihoods of hard-working Americans.  While our ideological opponents on the Right fool us into thinking they’re putting America First, this is an AMERICANS First movement.  It is a movement, not by a nation or organization, but by the people to take our economy and government back from global corporatists, the elite, and life-long career politicians. 

The APL Party takes a 1World Philosophy to foreign policy, as well.  Principles like Freedom, Human Rights, and World Peace are important to the American Progressive Labor Party.  While our focus is on the American working class, the APL won’t turn a blind eye to issues abroad where the freedom of others is threatened, where human rights are being violated, or when peace is threatened. Our ultimate goal is to unite the world, combine our knowledge, resources, and specialties to achieve greatness in the areas of medicine, technology, space exploration, and more.  There is no limit to what humans can do when we work together and UNITE! 

In order for us to ALL move forward – to PROGRESS – we MUST

Under Center LEFT

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